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A Beginners Guide
to Escape Rooms


Are you an escape room newbie?  Wondering what to expect from an escape game, and how to get out of the room?  Get all the escape room tactics, advice and tips you need in our beginners guide below…

Remember – every team entering an escape room will have one common goal: to escape the room in less than 60 minutes…or we throw away the key. *  Choose from our “Escape to Neverland“, “The Cursed“, “Carnival Caper“, “Once Upon a Time“, “The Other Side“, or “Gold Rush” room.

(* Only joking…maybe)



STEP 1: Assemble Your Team

Choose wisely.  Escape room games work best for teams of between 2-6 people, so make sure you and your band of fellow escapees get on well together.  Good communication is key, as is the ability to cooperate and think on the same wavelength, but a mix of skills and perspectives can also be useful.  Who knows – Jo’s math knowledge might be more useful than Jon’s murder-mystery addiction!

STEP 2: Choose Your Escape Room

Escape room game locations will have a selection for you to pick from, from all-out horror scenarios to fantasy and adventure escape room themes.  Do you like the chill that runs down your spine at the scene of an unspeakable event, or in the presence of the supernatural?  The desperation at being held hostage by a psychopath?  The excitement of searching for pirate treasure or escaping from prison?  Or getting away with the biggest robbery of your life?

STEP 3: Get The Briefing and Back-Story

Before you enter the escape room, you’ll get a team briefing about the ins and outs of participating in the game, and maybe a few helpful tips – it’s worth paying attention!  Then, as you wait to go in, your host will reveal the back-story behind the scenario you’re about to encounter.  Again, listen to the host – they may be giving you clues, or an idea of what to look for!

STEP 4: Enjoy The Game!

Once you’re inside, you have no option but to become immersed in the world of the room for the next 60 minutes.  Go for it!  There is a lot to explore – make sure you go around the room thoroughly, discover all the clues and wrap your brain around the puzzles.  But all the while, never lose sight of your objective.  Everything you are doing is working towards one end: to complete your room’s unique challenge and escape!


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1. Get into it right away:

An hour sounds like plenty of time to get out of an escape room, and you might be tempted to take it easy at the start.  Don’t be fooled – time can creep up on you, and before you know it you could be in big trouble with only a few minutes left on the clock to get yourselves out of it.  Don’t dawdle!

2. Search the room thoroughly:

There will be clues hidden all around the escape room, so make sure you leave no stone unturned.  One idea is to divide the room into sections for each of your team to investigate, or organize yourselves into pairs so that you get two sets of eyes on every object, door, corner, shelf, book and possible clue.  One person might notice something the other overlooked.

3. Don’t all bunch around one puzzle:

You’ve only got 60 minutes to find the way out, so the more things you are all doing or looking at, the better.  If everyone looks at the same thing, then you’re leaving other potential clues and solutions untouched while the clock is ticking.  Also, if one or two of you are feeling stuck on a puzzle, move on get someone else to take over – they might see something you didn’t.

4. Shout out what you find:

You might not know if another team member needs something you have found, or if someone else has exactly the object or clue you need to complete your puzzle!  Every team member should know to call out whenever they find something that looks useful, so you can all still be working together, even if you’re searching different parts of the room.

5. Try everything and listen to everyone:

Everyone in your team has their own experiences, ways of thinking and knowledge to draw on.  What might occur to one person might never occur to the rest of you.  However bizarre an idea sounds, respect what people have got to say and give it a try – it might turn out to be what gets you out of there!

6. Don’t over-think it:

If you find yourself getting into more and more obscure theories about the solution to a particular puzzle, then chances are you’re over-complicating it.  The escape room is set up to be a test, but still meant to be fun, and if you’re clutching at straws it’s time for someone else to have a look at it.

7. Organise your objects:

Set up a space to put objects to one side one you’ve used them, or to arrange them in a methodical way.  You might want to group objects by theme, or if you simply feel they should belong together.  This way, when you need something, you’ll know exactly where it is right away, and by putting things in the same place you might notice new connections between them.

8. Ask for hints:

Don’t be shy about asking for a hint to help get out of the escape room.  The staff want to see a team succeed and will always try to nudge you along in the right direction.  It’ll help you all enjoy the game and hopefully escape in time!

9. Don’t force anything:

If a door or box is meant to be opened, then it won’t be difficult to do so.  The escape room hosts want you to find the right clues!  If something appears locked, then chances are it’s meant to stay that way (at least until you find the right key).  Forcing it open will not only spoil the game for future players, but could be expensive!

10. Remember the backstory:

It sometimes pays to think like a writer in order to work out where the clues are or what they might mean.  If this was a scene from a book or a film, what would you expect to happen next?

11. Play with friends:

You certainly get to learn more about the mental workings of the people you attempt the escape room with, so make sure you all like each other, and leave personal disagreements or office politics at the door.  Some people say it’s best not to try it with work colleagues, but if you know you’re all friends, then you should be fine.

12. Final cunning tip:

Bring a wristwatch.  If you have to leave all electronic devices outside the room, then a watch might be the only way you can accurately keep track of time.  And the batteries won’t run out!

We hope you enjoyed our Beginners Guide…GOOD LUCK!


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