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A Guide for Beginners


Are you new to escape rooms?  Curious about what to expect, or what strategies may work best?  Here is a guide for beginners of Escape Rooms with a few suggestions to ensure a good time.  Also checkout our FAQ page for answers to the most common questions.


Escape Rooms are a high adrenaline challenge where you and your team find yourselves “locked” in a game room with only 60 minutes to complete a mission and escape.  You will be shown an introductory video that sets the mood of your room.  Then you will be turned loose and given 60 minutes to solve your challenge.  During the hour long experience you are immersed into a real life adventure; brainstorming and teamwork will be necessary to find hidden clues, crack codes and solve difficult puzzles to escape.

Choose from our “Once Upon a Time” (Fantasy theme), “The Other Side” (Mystery theme), or “Gold Rush” (Old West theme) room.


Make a Reservation with us today!  You and your team will never look at each other in the same way again.



Use the restroom before you begin

It’s a race against time and if you need to break for this, you’ll be pulled out of your element.

Don’t overthink

Sometimes the clues and puzzles may be obvious, but you may tend to over-think the solution.  Stay calm and read the signs carefully.

Linear or nonlinear clues

Some puzzles may need another puzzle to solve beforehand.  It may be hard to tell, but usually if you’re missing pieces to a puzzle that’s a good indicator more info exists elsewhere.

Keep your clues organized

If you’re finding a puzzle that has multiple parts, make sure you put them all together to see if you’re missing anything.  Usually big puzzles like this either lead to the end or tell you that you’re still missing a smaller piece somewhere else.

Investigate all props

If something looks ornate or out of place it more than likely is a puzzle or clue.  Thoroughly look at the item and it should yield a prize.

Work as a team

Two heads are better than one to figure out the tough clues.  Yet, don’t be afraid to split up your forces in a divide and conquer strategy.  Speak up about what you find as it may help solve the next puzzle.  Use the members of your team wisely, placing the right people where their knowledge yields the most advantage.

We hope these tips help you out and Good Luck on escaping!!


Escape Rooms are perfect for birthday parties, work outings, team-building exercises, or any group events you’re planning.  Book a room here or Call Us at (757) 808-5199 to reserve your room.  You and your team will never look at each other the same way again!!

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